When the world needs to connect, they come online and start scrolling.

Social Media, the Taj of Marketing is the most effective and underused place to promote or sell your brand and /or products. Be it being more professional in Nariman Point (LinkedIn), savvy in Bandra (Instagram), outspoken in Andheri (Twitter) or easy going in CST (Facebook), the team customizes the right solutions for you at the right place.

Living in the social media platform from years, the company can help you achieve all your goals like:


Increasing website traffic:

The aim is to invite people and show off your empire. From the appearance and appeal to each word on it, the team knows how to develop the best website for you and get more hits. We might hate the traffic on highways but good traffic on our website might help us achieve better visibility.


Building conversions:

Trust the team, if you want each visitor on your website to order a lavish menu. The well-designed landing page or the entire website content attracts more users and increases the chances of conversion.
There will be customers window shopping but the team knows how to make them buy your products.


Raising brand awareness:

The digital gurus of Meerakle help your company achieve more attention. From hashtags to campaigns, you can trust them to offer you the best results. The team loves political drama and have researched amazing ways (Tools, we mean and no hate speeches.) to make someone or a company, a brand name.


Creating a brand identity and positive brand association

Catch a local, reach their office. Have an hour-long discussion on it. Developing brand identity is the most important step for any company and Meerakle Media is the wand you need.
Be it developing an identity or associating your brand with users, they are masters of it. Give them a call and see your brand transform.

Improving communication and interaction with your key audiences


   Ever heard the speeches of our local political parties? How encaptivating, right? 

Communication is the key to attract users and influence them. Social Media being the hangout spot for everyone to communicate and connect, you can dream of achieving big. 
Meerakle saves you from all the hassles. Give them a call and the always enthusiastic team will do it for you.


Social Media is the Cafe you would always love to visit and connect with people. Use it wisely and if unsure how, the Meerakle team is always ready and happy to welcome you to their pretty, cozy office. Let us help you improve your social media game and grow it with passion.